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You're Doomed is a fast-paced twin stick arcade shooter focusing around the idea competitive co-op and instant gratification gameplay. The competitive co-op gameplay encourages players to work together whilst fighting for high-scores, multipliers and rewards.

You’re Doomed is currently in Pre-Alpha, and we have an open participation in this, you can download the latest build from right here, there is also link on our discord (discord.gg/88sNDNE). We’ve been using discord to talk with and feedback to the community, the feedback we’ve had from previous builds has been invaluable and made a big impact on the development of the game, and we can’t thank you all enough! We’ll be merging our updates to be seamless across all the platforms we’re working on, and we’re looking forward to working with the community here to make this game even more awesome!


The game takes place on a planet sized spaceship, the HMSS (Her Majesty’s Space Ship) Robert Falcon Scott, this is a scientific and exploration vessel designed to explore the galaxy.

After a night of partying to celebrate Ruby paying off her student debt (age: 96, occupation: security guard), four members of the Robert Falcon Scott’s security team wake up near the ship’s core, in an engineering deck locker room to discover the ship has been overrun with an infection and the crew mutated. They must fight their way through the ship to the surface and escape pods before the ship’s computer (who’d really like to escape too!) flies the Robert Falcon Scott into the nearest star.


You’re Doomed is both a single player and local multiplayer game (up to four players), we’ve been working to make the change from single player to multiplayer as seamless as possible, just pick up another pad and hit the start button and you’re in! You or your friends can quickly drop into a game together whether sat next to each other on the couch or on the other side of the world.

As the player moves between each room on the ship they will be faced with large enemy hordes, which they must clear before they can proceed with the level. The game features fast paced and intense action, with a large volume of feedback being driving to the player(s), both on screen and through the gamepad.

The game’s scoring system gives each player a set amount of points for killing an enemy, however these points can be augmented by multiplier which the enemies drop upon injury and any player can collect. The player’s weapon is also linked to this system, as the player’s multiple increases the weapon upgrades passing through several major and intermediary steps.

One of the core elements of You’re Doomed’s gameplay is ‘Competitive Co-op’, where players must work together to get through the level but are in competition with each other for points and multipliers. Although the game can be played as a single player experience, multiplayer is also at the core of You’re Doomed. There will be a parity of design between all the game modes (single and local multiplayer), i.e. the game will largely be played in the same way.


Four playable characters are being developed for the game’s launch, this roster features:

  • Buck McLargehuge: A cocky rich kid from Etonberry on Sea, looking to prove his greatness to all. One day he’ll be captain of his own ship, right now however he is a security guard on deck Z (which unfortunately can’t be promoted to officer).
  • Ruby McCampbell: Ruby’s been working security on the HMSSRFS since she was 22 to pay off her student debt. Now 75 years (and 7 well-earned promotions) later she’s finally paid off the last few pennies, and she’s now ready to start a career (when this new 42-year mission is over).
  • Dirk McRippedBody: After growing up in the Liverpudlian boroughs of Londoningham (a super city formed when London and Birmingham sprawled together, you have to swim around to get to Scotland) Dirk was ready for an adventure; to that extent he signed on for a year to the Robert Falcon Scott, which was leaving on a 42 year mission…
  • Gwadys McDaffodil: Retired from professional welsh zero G rugby (scrum half) at age 18, after a ten-year career, due to a life-threatening tennis elbow injury. After her autobiography “Zero G Rugby: It’s a funny old game” failed to sell, she signed on to a career where she could make the most of her talents, a security detail on scientific exploration space ship, the HMSS Robert Falcon Scott.

Help our intrepid spacefarers get home to earth by defeating the hordes and escaping being trapped on an infested planet sized vessel hurtling through space. Which isn't that much different from earth come to think of it.
But least there's beaches.

Install instructions

Simply unzip and run 'YoureDoomed_Game.exe!'
Currently works with keyboard/mouse or gamepad (Xbox pad recommended).


YoureDoomedGame_ALPHA_Demo.zip 234 MB


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Hello there! First of all, real nice work on the art-work ! Then the gameplay is smooth with a nice shooting system! keep it up! Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest ? Check out our itch.io page for more info :) 


Thanks so much for the kind words, we've checked out the GDWC and will certainly submit or game once it's finished! Thanks again, Chris @ Black Dragon


Good luck then :) 

Solid start! I do think the game lacks some enemy variety and some player end mechanics, but it really is a solid pre-alpha! Keep up the great work!


Thanks buddy - I think we've spoken :P